Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today is a dryland/weights day. Since I've pretty much been in the gym constantly since I've been out of swimming I'm no stranger to the weights. Since I'm not getting back to swimming I really need to change my routine in the gym....big, strong, and bulky is out and long and lean needs to come back.

I've decided to do Jason Lezak's weight routine that I found through USMS on Bodybuilding.com (don't let the site fool ya, good stuff there).

I actually didn't do this quite right this AM as I didn't pair with another exercise to superset. I just did 3 x 12 reps of each exercise with 15 seconds rest between. With the kids going nuts, I missed reading part of the workout. So anyways, here is what I did this AM:

3x12 Incline Chest Press: 35 lbs.
3x12 Tricep Pull Down: 50 lbs.
3x12 Narrow Grip Seated Rows: 75 lbs.
3x12 Seated Shoulder Raises: 25 lbs.
3x12 One Arm Standing Tricep Press: 25 lbs.
3x12 Concentration Curls: 20 lbs.
3x12 Lat Pulldown: 120 lbs.
3x12 Step ups: 25 lbs dumbells
3x12 Leg Extension: 115 lbs.
3x12 Leg Curls: 95 lbs.
3x12 Calf Raises: 180 lbs. (2-45 lb. plates a side)
3x12 Leg Press: 270 lbs. (3-45 lb. plates a side)

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