Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday- September 24, 2008

So after a day of weights, cardio, then a Home Depot Alumni Happy Hour I was completely spent when I woke up this morning. It was a feat just to get out of bed and into the pool. I wrote this workout yesterday afternoon so I didn't anticipate how tired (and a little hungover) I'd be. Its not a tough workout, just longer than what I've been doing. I was still able to do it about 95 minutes.

800 Swim
400 Kick
600 Pull
200 Drill

500 Pull (Buoy & Paddles) :30 Rest
400 Swim (100 IM Swim/100 IM Drill)
300 Kick (w/ fins, 25 FAST/25 EZ)
200 Drill (Hold a board in one arm- 25 Right/25 Left)
100 Swim (25 FAST/25 EZ)

200 Warmdown

5200 SCY
About 95 Minutes

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