Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday- May 1, 2010

2010 Tiger Masters Swim Meet

1200 Warmup

200 Medley Relay (Lead Off Backstroke) 30.1
-We didn't have anyone to swim against so it was just a practice start, turn and finish for each of us

200 Free- 1:54.63 (1st)
-Great swim considering I'm in the middle of training, no rest, etc. Only 1/2 sec off my best and I cruised the 1st 100 and worked the 2nd 100. Felt really strong. Looking forward to a good one at Nationals I think.

100 Back- 58.46 (1st)
-Right at my best time and I didn't really "go for it" so I'm really happy with the time. Guy next to me, 30 yr old, went 51.4!!! Same guy went 20.45 in the 50 free in a tech jammer! Think he swam at Tennessee in college.

l00 Fly- 57.89 (1st)
-Haven't swam this in easily 20 years! Happy with it, but it hurt like a bish (yes, bish, its a female fish! LOL!). The last 12 yards were a struggle!

-Like I said, I'm REALLY happy that I can match my times from the St. Pats meet when I'm in training (no rest) and with events so close to each other. I think I'm setting up for a really good Nationals.
-The Meet is really small, less than 50 people, so there is really not much rest at all between events. The officials are giving us an extra 4 minutes or so between events luckily.
-Everyone else on Team GAJA (GA Super Team) is also doing right at best times in the middle of training. So I'm happy to say it looks like we are ALL on the right track to a great nationals!!
-Tomorrow: 500 Free, 100 IM, 200 Back, 100 Free

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