Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday- June 11, 2011

Chattanooga River Rat Race (4.5 Miles)

Conditions: Air 75, Water 78, Current: NONE

Swim started out with everyone treading water for about 10 minutes waiting for the start. I guess there was a bit of a holdup with the 1.2 milers downstream and they didn't want to start us too soon. So I felt great right from the beginning, nice smooth stroke, not pushing too hard. The only real issue was NO current. The dam was completely closed so there was no downstream movement. I knew it was gonna be a long swim when we were treading water and not floating downstream at all. Two years ago you could barely stay in place due to the current.

So about 10 minutes or so into the swim I noticed a guy off to my left (I breathe right almost exclusively so it was a good pick up) and aimed to slide in behind him. He was going at a good clip and I had to keep my stroke rate up to stay with him. After following him for about 20-30 minutes he seemed to veer this way and that and pulling toward the middle of the river. I new we'd have to come back right so I swam back toward the banks. Later we would come back together and with me knowing he was swimming faster at that point, but he swam farther, he ended up 25 yards or so ahead of me. By that time I was a bit tired and tried for a few minutes to catch up to see how quick he was going, but didn't gain any ground. Eventually I tired, my back was getting stiff, and my left hip was really giving me some pain (as I kicked hard on the left side to anchor my stroke to breathe right). With about .50 mile to go I looked back with no one behind my and I knew I was forth and not gonna catch anyone in front of me so I cruised to the finish. I was nice to see my family at the finish line on the bank and my son had made a poster for me saying "Go Daddy" with my #17 on it.....very cute. So by the time I climbed out and walked back to the pavilion my hip was KILLING me and then the cement in the muscles set in!!

On the drive back it was all I could do not to ask my wife to drive. We had all gotten up at 4:30 to drive up. On the way back we stopped to meet my parents at our cabin on Allatoona. Since we beat them there I was able to get an hour nap in. I was OUT literally when my head hit the pillow.

So fun swim, nice location, well organized. My time was 1:40.06 which was over 30 minutes SLOWER than two years ago......that's what current does for you!!!

Final Results:

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