Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some initial information...the good, the bad, the UGLY!

More or less, I'm just sick of being in the gym, lifting weights, fighting my weight, aches, pains, and being a big guy. I'm currently about 6'1 and 245-250 lbs.  I'm really build more like a Rugby player (which I played for 5 years after college in my mid 20's) or a football player, but a little more "doughy" around the middle than I'd like.  I swam at 165-170 in college but I don't see that as feasible, not even close. I'm now bigger muscularly and just frame wise now, so I think 200-210 would be more realistic. So my main goal is to get back into the pool, share my swimming knowledge, do what I know, get in better shape, be competitive, and meet some new people.  I also want to not just "workout", but train, and train with a purpose. What I miss most about swimming was the relationships I built and the comrodere with my teammates.

This is actually about my 4th week back swimming, but I haven't been keeping track of what I did in the first few weeks as it was nothing short of "pathetic". Since I hadn't swum laps in a pool for quite some time (15 years) it was pointless to keep track of it until now. The pool was set up for Long Course Meters (LCM) the first few weeks and I just wanted to get about 2000 meters in, or about an hour swimming. Now that they have moved the bulkhead back and changed the pool to Short Course Yards (SCY) I feel MUCH better. Also my wind and a "little" flexibility is coming back.  I hope to swim/train for at least 6-8 months before I even considering entering a meet or open water swim....I want to be ready.  

I've set a few goals:
1. To stick with it, not to give up when adversity comes my way (be it work, family, pain, etc)
2. To compete again and be competitive
3. Social networking
4. To set a GA State record in the 35-39 age group 
5. Complete 2-3 open water competitions
6. Swim at US Master's Nationals

I would say my "ultimate goal" would be to swim the English Channel. I've ALWAYS wanted to do that. That is maybe a 5-year goal.

The way I see it I can certainly do these. It will be tough, but I'm hard headed and when I set my mind on something you better watch out! I will use this blog to post workouts, share progress and setbacks, and as a place to share the experience. So with that, here we go!

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