Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday- July 18, 2009

Swam with the OW/Triathlete group from Concourse Athletic Club this morning up at Red Top Mountain on Lake Allatoona. I led the whole group by quite a large margin and completed 3 laps (1.2 Mile each) of the open water course in 1 hr 15 min. I really took it easy and worked on stretching my stroke out. The first lap of the course I bi-lateral breathed. After that I was warmed up and could really just breathe to the right side. My stroke felt really good and stretched out today for some reason. I guess a day off yesterday really did me good. My legs however are still KILLING me from weights on Thursday (hadn't done legs in about 2 months).

3.6 miles
1 hr 15 minutes

Air Temp: About 65-70
Water Temp: About 84

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