Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday- June 15, 2010

600 Swim
200 Kick
400 Pull
200 Drill

12 x 50
-4 IM Order Build @ 1:00
-4 Kick 25 Fast/25 EZ @ 1:15
-4 Pull w/ Buoy BR9 @ 1:00

3 x 400 @ 6:00
Desc 1-3 to 85%

8 x 50 Kick w/ Fins
-25 FAST/25 Mod

200 EZ

3800 LCM
About 1 hr 15 min

-Haven't swam since the race on Saturday, but still feel tired from the swim. Felt good to get back in some "cool" water though!

-I'm certainly not in the same shape I was prior to Nationals, its evident. But then again between having a very short amount of time between meets and events, being unemployed, and the kids out of school its just not gonna happen this month. Once I do the Beaufort swim this weekend I'll try to get back into some kind of grove and do more running, dryland and weights. My swimming will stay in the 3-4K per workout range, just trying to maintain that until SCY starts back. I'm kinda taking the summer off from meets and serious training. Once the kids are back in school and the pools switches to SCY I'll pick it up.....I have a few far out there goals for the SCY season. Depending on whether they bring back the full tech suits or not they may be really far out there.

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