Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday- July 17, 2010

GA State Games 5K Open Water
Lake Acworth- Acworth, GA
Water Temp: 86
Air Temp: About 80, Cloudy

So showed up about an hour early to do my usual BS'ing with the usual folks. They were allowing us to wear our bodysuits so I wore my B70 Nero Comp. I really debated it as the water was so warm, but in the end we basically don't get to wear it again unless they change the rule for Masters SCY going forward (there is the rumor). In the end I really think the temp probably negated any gain and it really didn't change my position or make any difference in the race to be honest.

So from the start I knew there would be a lead group of some fast swimmers (Lorenzo, Megan, and Kristina). They were the lead back right from the start and I was about 100 yards back and didn't gain in the first 10 minutes so I basically said "screw it" and didn't feel like killing myself in an attempt to catch them. I doubt I could have caught up anyway and even if I did I doubt then I'd be able to keep pace. I have a tough time in warm water and sustainability being that I'm a heavier (and fatter!) swimmer than what you would think of as a prototypical swimmer. I like the cooler water much better.

So after reaching the far end of the course and turning right at the final orange buoy I looked back to see the next closest person to me was a hundred or more meters back. So basically I ended us swimming alone the whole race in 4th overall. I kept tabs from time to time on what was behind me but nobody ever closed so I just kept my pace, which was moderate with times of being slower and faster. I'm not sure of my final time but it was a good 8-10 minutes better than last year (and the course was supposed to be longer (the right distance) this year!). The next closest was a few minutes behind me, so it was nice not to be pressed or have to press to pass anyone.....kind of a long, boring swim, but I can't complain. The weather was cloudy which was nice to keep the sun off us since the water was so warm. Its been really hot down here lately so to get a break in the sun and heat was fantastic. So I ended up 1st in the 35-39 age group and 4th overall, better than last year (3rd in age group, 9th overall) so you gotta be happy!

For the 3K and 1K I wasn't entered, but I got in my Kayak and supported. Probably ended up Kayaking 6-7K!

Final Results:

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