Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday- June 26, 2011

Greenville Masters Meet- Day 2

100 Back:
33.40 1:09.29 (35.89)

200 Free:
31.81 1:06.30 (34.49) 1:44.34 (38.04) 2:28.59 (44.25)

800 Free:

-Good Backstroke...and that was it. I had nothing in the 200 and just quit, which I'm pissed at myself about now. Scratched the 800 cause I didn't want to wait around.
-Good meet, good facility, but the event layout wasn't right.


  1. Jeff just came upon this site by accident and have to compliment you. This is a seriously legit list of workouts for a serious swimmer. I am just getting into open water swimming, swam my first 1.2 mile at 31 minutes and really want to get down to 25-26 minutes and hoping these workouts will provide some help. Couple questions: what does "long of walls" mean and does "break :10 at 50's" mean, break every 50 of the 150? (wednesday's workout) Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it! Sounds like you are doing well, especially for a first time OW swim! Most of my workouts are geared to middle distance swimming with some speed workouts (for sprinting) mixed in. Since I swim alone its really tough to train for distance since its usually very long workouts and sets. No fun swimming those alone.

    To answer you questions:
    Long off walls= An extended, over exaggerated push and streamline off the walls. Generally like a 1/2 a lap off a 25-yard length pool.

    Break at 50's= Means just that, take a :10 or whatever is specified break after each 50 yards (or Meters). So break every 50 of a 150 means break that 150 distance into 3 x 50 with :10 rest after each one. We do these to generally build speed and sprinting endurance for pool swimmers.

    Right now I'm prepping for Master Long Course Nationals at Auburn University in Aug. I just had a meet this weekend and I'm a LONG way off being in the kind of shape I like to be. Training in the summer is tough with the kids out of school, vacations, etc. So I'll just go with whatever I can do!

    Thanks again and good luck!