Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday- Sept 2, 2011


3 mile run


  1. Jeff,
    i've enjoyed your blog for a while now. i frequently modify your sets down to my level. how do you manage your mix of water / dryland workouts? i can only get in about 3-4x a week, averaging about 2500 yards a workout, so always feel like it's hard to pass up water time for dryland, but am interested in keeping things diverse. any thoughts?

  2. Well, right now I'm just in "maintenance mode" as I don't compete in the fall (which is SCM season for Masters0. I'm just trying to get back into the swing of building a base up to really start pool training in Jan. I'll only swim 3x a week most likely until then.

    Once I hit Jan I'll swim 4-5x a week and do 2-3 sessions of dryland/weights/running. As I get closer to my big taper meet the weights and running go out, but core training will remain.

    Its really just trial and error and depends on my schedule with work, family, etc. But the main thing is to supplement your swimming with the other stuff, not the other way around.