Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday- January 9, 2012

500 Swim
500 Pull
500 Kick w/ fins

10 x 50 @ :45

5 x 200 Pull @ 2:40

200 EZ

3200 SCY
About an hour

-Really worn out from a full weekend of painting
-Just got in to swim up and down the pool with Malena (she went 5200)
-Still sick, back killing me, cough.....poor baby!


  1. Wow Jeff. Your workout is definitely my workout goal for this year. That's event after a full weekend of painting.

    Any tips for your blog readers like myself to gradually gain up to that workout?

  2. I'm actually WAY out of shape. This was just a piece meal workout for me. I will gradually build back into doing 4500-5000 4-5 times a week.

    My advice is baby steps. One thing at a time. Start small, gradually add yardage, and then introduce interval training.