Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday- September 12, 2008

Well, back home this AM before taking off again out of town. Since i really missed a workout Wednesday and Monday was the last real workout I really felt like shit in the water this AM, just really sloppy and still having issues breathing to the left side. I think just a few days out of the water when I'm so fresh at getting back into it effects me stroke/technique alot more than if I've been back at it for a year or two. But anyway, I'm off to S. Carolina this AM for an Alumni weekend. I still got up at 5:30 this AM and swam so here it is:

800 Swim
400 Kick
600 Pull
200 Drill

8 x 150 :25 rest
25 FL/25 BK/25 BR/75 FR
25 FL/25 BK/75 BR/25 FR
25 FL/75 BK/25 BR/25 FR
75 FL/25 BK/25 BR/25 FR

25 FL/25 BK/25 BR/75 FR
desc 1-4

10 x 50 with Fins :20 rest
Choice of stoke, at least 4 SDK (Steamline Dolphin Kicks) off each wall

200 Warmdown

3900 SCY
About 80 minutes

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