Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday- May 21, 2010

Day 2: Masters Nationals at GA Tech

200 Free: 1:48.81 (4th Place)

Palm, Jeff A 38 GAJA 1:48.81
24.96 52.47 (27.51)
1:20.88 (28.41) 1:48.81 (27.93)

-I was kinda shocked! My goal time going into the meet was about 1:51-1:52 and just to get into the top 10 "maybe". I was thinking just breaking 1:50 may be in reach with how good I felt in the 1000 but didn't expect 4th and a 1:48! The swim put me 8th overall in my age group for the country. I was SUPER pleased, but it also took EVERYTHING out of me.

-After this swim I started felling REALLY bad, and so did my wife. We ended up getting the same thing the kids had earlier in the week. My stomach was one big knot and I felt like I just wanted to barf (spare you how I REALLY felt). So I still swam the 200 Back and Relay but neither were even close to where I should have been. Results below

200 Back: 2:14.51 (11th)

Palm, Jeff A 38 GAJA 2:14.51
31.23 1:04.43 (33.20)
1:39.09 (34.66) 2:14.51 (35.42)

-Wanted to barf before I even hit the water and just more or less floated it.

200 Mixed Free Relay: 1:40.48 (15th)

GAJA 'B' 1:40.48
1) Palm, Jeff A M38 2) Collett, Tracy L W39
3) Lontz, Alison C W37 4) Beatty, Mark S M41
23.76 51.72 (27.96)
1:18.63 (26.91) 1:40.48 (21.85)

-Lead off, sick, and that time (23.76) isn't too hot. End of statement.
-Ended up going home and sleeping 13 hours.

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