Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday- May 22, 2010

Day 3: Masters Nationals at GA Tech

500 Free: No Swim

-Both my wife and I both got the cooties from our kids and it NAILED us at the meet after my 200 free. I felt like crap and couldn't eat and she nearly passed out on the deck. So when I got home from the meet Friday night my parents (God bless them!!) kept the kids and Kerri and both slept about 13 hours (her even more I think). I got up about 8AM and felt a bit better but my head was still killing me. I figured if maybe I could eat and not feel like I did yesterday then I'd TRY to make a go of the meet. I knew I was on two relays and didn't want to screw up that and make them scramble to find subs (cause we had A, B, C relays). I had planned to just show up and if I was there before my heat I'd just swim it cold turkey (no warmup) and see what happens. Ended up missing it by about 10 minutes.

-I'm really bummed because I KNOW I could have gone under 5:00, but that's life, its just a swim meet and their will be more.

200 Mixed Medley Relay: 1:51.50 (8th)

GAJA 'A' 1:51.50
1) Lontz, Alison C W37 2) Raab, Scot M38
3) Wilson, Charlene W35 4) Palm, Jeff A M38
31.17 1:01.98 (30.81)
1:29.29 (27.31) 1:51.50 (22.21)

-Only did about 300 warmup and maybe one build 25 before I swam due to coming off the rough night. Felt good and strong though and we won our heat. Was really happy with a 22.21 50 free on the anchor.

100 Free: 49.90 (13th)

Palm, Jeff A 38 GAJA 51.28 49.90
23.73 49.90 (26.17)

-Happy with the swim considering I hadn't really eaten much of anything in 24 hours and had NOTHING in the tank the last 25. My goal going in was to break :50 and I did it so I'm happy. Not being a sprinter I'm happy with 13th as well. Its a really fast event to score points in.

200 Men's Free Relay: 1:29.85 (4th)

GAJA 'A' 1:33.30 1:29.85
1) Beatty, Dan C M44 2) Palm, Jeff A M38
3) Tartaglione, Mike M39 4) Weber, Mark A M43
23.20 45.45 (22.25)
1:08.40 (22.95) 1:29.85 (21.45)

-Had some great relay mates, just look at the splits. Mark Weber is an animal and trains alone (like me) and trained with his son to get him through High School and he now swims at FSU...great story.
-Happy with my 22.25 as it felt pretty sloppy and with all those guys in the pool it was like a washing machine and you can't hardly see anything! If anything I'm consistent...22.21 on the other relay!
-Tomorrow is 100 Back and 200 Men's Medley Relay. Should be a good one. We'll see what happens in the 100 Back, its just an off event for me.

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