Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday- June 8, 2011

Open Water Swim:

Swam with Malena Hankins up at Red Top Mountain on Lake Allatoona this morning at 7AM. Plan was to do 5K with her Husband, John, doing the support kayaking. Well, we hit the water and I immediately sensed a problem....the water was about 84-85. Argh!!! I tried to use the first 5-10 minutes to warm-up but when Malena picked up the pace I was stuck in "eternal warm-up" mode. I HATE warm water and I had NOTHING. All I could do was watch her leave me. So on the 2nd loop I ended up staying out, floating, playing with the fish until she came back. I tried to stay with her on the last bit, but wasn't happening. She did 5K, I probably did 2-1/2 miles. It was YUCK and I'm a wuss. I just need to give OW up if the water is over 80...seriously.

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