Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday- July 11, 2009

2009 GA Game 5K Open Water Swim:

1:02:03 - 3rd Place 35-39 Age Group

Swim was at Lake Acworth, a 90 Acre enclosed lake that is part of Lake Allatoona. Water was dark/brackish and about 82-83 degrees. Sunny.

Really didn't feel all that good the first 1/2 of the race. I also had a few people holding back and drafting off me. Once I let them by close to the 1/2 mark I tried a different line because they looked to be too far to the inside whereas my line looked good. Perhaps my speed just wasn't there, especially since I was swimming alone at that point, and I was always 20 yards behind those two. Finally did find my stroke, which was breathe right only, and got into a little rhythm that was enough to hold off one guy that was close to me with about 900 meters to go. I haven't seen the final results but my mom and wife seem to think I was about 10th or so. Will post the final results once I get them.

So that's it, the last OW swim (3rd) for me of the summer. 2 first places and 3rd, not bad for my first go with open water. I'll now just train and work on losing some more weight, cardio, core exercises and swim on my own again until probably Sept when I think I may join Stingray Masters.....I really need to work with a group and compete in workouts to improve my speed.

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