Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday & Sunday, February 12-13, 2011

Auburn Masters Swim Meet:

1650 Free: 20:45.98 (1st)
-Just used this as a warm up for this afternoons session. I honestly did not care what my time was, who beat me, ect. I even swam in my big ole' Speedo dragsuit.

100 IM: 1:00.33 (2nd)
-Really happy with my time and was a bit surprised. My best was a 59.8 and that was in a full body suit.

100 Back: 59.99 (1st)
-Just snuck in under a minute. Forgot my nose clip and it messed with my underwaters. Not a great swim, but not horrible.

200 Free: 1:58.66 (1st)
-Kind of a poor swim I think. I should have been faster. Came right off 100 back into the 200 and it was the last event of the day so that might of had some effect on it. But I didn't have good turns, everything was a bit of mess on this swim.

500 Free: 5:25.37 (1st)
-Fell pretty good for about 300 then locked up a bit. Had guy in lane 2 (me in 3) go out fast so I stuck to that side of the lane and rode him until he died about the 200-250 then switched the guy in lane 4 until he decided he'd had enough and it was time to take off...he negative split like a madman and left me for dead. Close enough to last year to be a decent swim, but I gotta lot of work ahead.

50 Back: 26.88 (1st)
-Best swim of the meet I think, even if it is a 50! Good start, good underwater (had noseclip this time), good turn, good finish. It all pretty much came together. Not to far off my best time which was in a full body suit and in a race I pushed the 15 yard UW rule!

100 Free: 53.10 (1st)
-Right goggle filled up immediately on start. Kind of hard to turn on one eye, especially when the walls are already challenging (a whole nother story). Not horrible, but not a total disaster.

50 Breast: 32.66 (2nd)
-Best time! Swam as a joke, but had a good start, good pullout and turn and was surprised at the time. Its probably my fast time EVER, regardless of age (LOL!). Got out and my HR was about 120, I wasn't even tired.....but I sure as hell wouldn't want to go another 50.

200 Medley Relay (Breast leg): 33.4 Split (1st)
-Ouch! This time it hurt, in the groin! Probably should have warmed down and stretched more! Swam in my drag suit.

Overall I'd grade the meet a "B"....I'm about a month behind on training I think so between now and St. Pats its time to really ground and pound, get the direct right, etc. Basically 8 weeks to Y Nats.

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