Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday- May 14, 2011

Open Water Swimming:

Swam with the "Swim with Pete" group up on Lake Allatoona this morning. Malena and Marianne were also there. Conditions were perfect (air 65-70, overcast to mostly cloudy, calm and clear water, water about 76 I'd guess). I did 5 laps of the 1.2 mile course and then another loop of the inner cove to get to 10K. Then after I tried to swim out to Malena to do one more lap but she had too big a lead for me to catch her and I had started to cool down and get stiff. I swam with one other guy and "buddied" up on the swim which always makes it a bit better. I didn't set out to do so much, but I felt pretty easy and got into a good rhythm so why I've been slacking this week. Marianne did 5K and Malena swam until WAY after everyone was gone and did 8 laps (about 10 miles!!) Malena is a OW distance stud (or is it studette?!)

About 1 hr 50 min (but I didn't have a watch)

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