Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday- September 12, 2010

Results from "That Dam Swim" 10K in Muscle Shoals, AL today. I am EXHAUSTED. An email from the organizer:

Hi All,

I hope everyone had safe travels home. I'm sore and tired, but happy to have another year in the books. Thank you so much to our volunteers for spending their early Sunday morning with us. Without volunteers we would just be a bunch of crazy people swimming 6.2 miles! Volunteers are the heart of every race and I genuinely appreciate your time and assistance. Our course was spot on too. Alex, my husband and kayaker, had his Garmin Forerunner 310XT, which clocked the route at 6.22. I'm sure the .02 was me getting off track.

Congratulations to our participants! We have new course records for both the USA Swimming and Master's categories. The previous record for the under 18 group was set last year by Jacob Shults in a time of 2:28.33. This year, Carl Madden from Mobile shattered the record with a 2:13:49!

The master's record was set last year by Michele King with a time of 2:56:34. This year it was utterly destroyed by Malenah Hankins with a time of 2:40:30. Congratulations to our new course record holders.

Our overall male winner for 2010 is Carl Madden from CMSA - 2:13:49
Our overall female winner for 2010 is Valerie Nubbe from HSA - 2:25:38

Here are the overall results:
Male 10-14
Jackson Graves, 12 - 2:50:05
Jared Stuphin, 14 - 2:55:00
Macon Graves, 12 - 2:56:09
Issac DeVaney, 13 - 3:11:30

Female 15-19
Valerie Nubbe, 17 - 2:25:38
Kierstin Page, 15 - 2:50:42
Molly Waddell, 16 - 3:01.20

Male 15-19
Carl Madden, 15 - 2:13:49
Jacob Hale, 17 - 2:26:34
Brad Hollihan, 16 - 2:30:19
Kevin Byrne, 18 - 2:42:50
John Ashcraft, 17 - 3:08:16

Female 25-29
Michele (King) Kisel, 28 - 2:46:39
Alicia Hudelson, 26 - 4:51:00

Female 35-39
Malenah Hankins, 36 - 2:40:30

Male 35-39
Jeff Palm, 39 - 2:48:24
Kenny Marsh, 38 - 4:18:20

Male 50-54
Robert Powers, 50 - 3:02:54

Male 55-59
William Powers, 55 - 3:22:09
Larry Baskin, 59 - 4:59:44

Troy Youngblood, Shannon Trousdale, Jason Trousdale, Zach Cayson - 3:55:25

Our overall winners and each age group winner will receive their All American Swim Supply gift cards in the mail. Congratulations everyone!

Just for some housekeeping notes - If you need a Large T-Shirt, please send me an email reminder. Also someone left their cap and pair of Speedo speed sockets at the race. Please let me know and I can get them back to you.

Thank you all again. I hope you had a great time at the social and at the race. The DAM swim has a deep history, but this year has been my favorite so far thanks you all of you!


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