Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday- December 5, 2009

St. Nicks Swim Meet @ GA Tech
Short Course Meters

600 Swim
200 Kick
400 Pull (until they told me I can't use paddles in warmup)
200 Drill

4-5 dive 25's

Results (in order of my events):
800 FREE: 10:15.37 (2nd in age group)
50 FREE: 26.61 (2nd in age group)
200 FREE: 2:12.41 (2nd in age group)
100 FREE: 59.62 (1st in age group)
400 FREE: Scratched (probably should have swam for points for team & high point)

I think the meet was an overall success for me. For one, I wasn't rested at all. Two, I didn't wear a tech suit, matter of fact I wore a Speedo Endurance Square Leg that I train in. Three, I dropped two seconds in the 50, 3 in the 100, 8 in 200 Frees from a year ago in Columbia.

Next up....possibly Auburn Meet in Feb or St. Pat's in March. I will now focus on 500 Free down. After my 800 I can see that I REALLY need a training partner/team to be able to train for distance. My 50 and 100's felt great...just need to keep working on turnover, endurance speed, and those quality test sets.

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